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Compound Verb Examples

compound verb is a verb that is made up of multiple words. The compound verb can include:

  • A prepositional verb
  • A phrasal verb
  • A verb with auxiliaries
  • A compound sing-word verb

Words for Compound Verbs

With a Prepositional Verb

  • Believe in
  • Ask for
  • Rely upon

With a Phrasal Verb

  • Tear up
  • Take away
  • Take down
  • work on

With Auxiliaries

  • Was swimming
  • Will be considering
  • Will meet
  • Are running

Single-word Verbs

  • Color-code
  • Double-click
  • Rely on
  • Wear away
  • Water-proof

Sentences with Compound Verbs

  • Mary will take off her makeup before bed.
  • The town was destroyed by the tornado.
  • Everything will work out eventually.
  • I had water-proofed the boat, but not well enough.
  • We opted for the cheaper room without a view.
  • He was looking for a nice place to camp.
  • Someone will need to proofread my manuscript.
  • The meeting will reconvene in an hour.
  • Egg cartons can sound-proof a room.
  • We really need to air-condition the house.
  • John will baby-sit for us tonight.
  • Sometimes we second guess the outcome.
  • I really want to test-drive that sports car.
  • Dad will be waiting at the train station.
  • The cashier shortchanged me fifty cents.
  • You will be amazing in the role.

Compound Verbs in Quotes

  • “I look forward to an America which will not be afraid of grace and beauty.” – President John Kennedy
  • “Although all three musicians had been playing earlier that night, they had not been together.” – Erik Nisenson, Open Sky: Sonny Rollins And His World Of Improvisation

These examples of compound verbs show the many ways that this grammar tool can be used to further enhance the verb in a sentence.

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