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Examples of Adverbs with Ly

Many adverbs end with “ly” since it is a quick way to turn an adjective into an adverb – “sad” becomes “sadly” and “perfect” becomes “perfectly.”
The “ly” suffix is also an excellent way to describe how something, or how often, something is done.

Popular Adverbs Ending with “Ly”

Many adverbs end in “ly,” but not all of them do. This list is not entirely comprehensive. However, here are a number of examples of adverbs with ly:

  • happily
  • gladly
  • sadly
  • happily
  • thankfully
  • perfectly
  • highly
  • lowly
  • quickly
  • slowly
  • suddenly
  • promptly
  • angrily
  • quietly
  • loudly
  • softly
  • beautifully
  • motionlessly
  • gracefully
  • generously
  • generally
  • adamantly
  • certainly
  • hungrily
  • massively
  • necessarily
  • lovely
  • sharply
  • accusingly
  • heartily
  • roughly
  • smoothly
  • separately
  • badly
  • dangerously
  • mournfully
  • spitefully
  • boldly
  • suddenly
  • automatically
  • normally
  • pragmatically
  • argumentatively
  • shortly
  • wrongly
  • effortlessly
  • painstakingly
  • breathlessly
  • proudly
  • greatly
  • horrifyingly
  • correctly
  • carefully
  • ironically
  • practically
  • partially

Use Adverbs Correctly

Exercise a watchful eye when you’re using adverbs, as people often used them incorrectly. A very common error that people make is to say “I ran to the store quick” or “He runs very quick.” This is not the proper form of the word “quick.” In both of these sentences, “quick” is modifying “ran” and “runs.” Those words are verbs, and need to be modified by an adverb. Therefore, the appropriate form of the word to use is “quickly.”

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