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Experienced Harvard Case Study Writing Service

The idea of recounting the story of an event, or a person, or an invention, or a way of doing business over a period of time to learn of successes, failures, and future actions has been around for centuries.  However, if you have heard the term Harvard case study used as a stylistic descriptor, the reason is the modern format for case study construction and use originated at Harvard University in the United States.  Now you hear professors characterizing their own assignments as similar to a Harvard case study, or a Harvard business case study, or a Harvard business school case study.  Indeed, the phrase Harvard case study format is found on case study assignment specification instructions in colleges and universities around the world.

A Harvard Case Study versus the Harvard Case Study Method

You may also have encountered references to the Harvard case study method and wondered if that is merely another way of describing a Harvard case study.  The Harvard case study method refers not to the mechanics of constructing a Harvard case study but rather to the use of case studies as a teaching methodology that was pioneered by the Harvard business school.  Professors there early on came to the conclusion that relying on textbooks as a means of teaching what students needed to know about the realities of the business world was inadequate.  As a substitute for traditional management and business texts, the Harvard business school case study method was born.  To get started, Harvard faculty began interviewing top business leaders of the day on a broad range of issues and compiling the results into a series of topical case studies, or stories of how a particular business or business leader approached a particular business issue.  These case studies of real world business experience between the focal point of teacher instruction and class discussion.

The resultant cases were so successful the University began to publish the most compelling cases in the University publication of the business school, the Harvard Business Review.  Today getting your company’s story told in a Harvard Business Review case study is often seen as a hallmark of success.

For Help with a Harvard Case Study, You Need the Very Best Professional Writing Service

Interviews of relevant participants in the case story are still at the heart of a Harvard case study.  With many case study assignments, the research you will have to do involves searching for and interpreting the findings of others.  In a Harvard case study, you will be doing your own original research through the interviews you have to schedule and conduct.
A Harvard case study assignment stands apart from the normal case study and as such will most often make a higher percentage contribution toward your final grade.  For that reason, it is a good idea to hire a writing service to help you produce the best possible results.
For the kind of help you need look for the best service you can find.  To determine the best service, look for the quality of the writers.  We believe our service is one of the best available because unlike many of our competitors, we hire only writers with advanced academic degrees and practical experience researching and writing case studies.
With us you will get a writer well-schooled in the Harvard Business School case study approach and we can help you at any part of the process, from topic selection, to developing interview questions, to compiling interview questions and answers into a research format, to writing the case or editing, formatting and proofreading your initial draft.

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