Relationship between Gender and War

Critically explore the relationship between gender and war Gender and war are inextricably linked in many ways, leading it to be a highly complicated relationship, with both components depending on one another and thus developing a cycle between them. To begin to explore the relationship between gender and war it is worth defining both terms … Read More»

Risks of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Security

Risks of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Security AVM 303, Intro. Unmanned Aircraft System Abstract Unmanned aircraft systems, commonly referred to as drones, are rapidly becoming important tools in the modern-day life.  Drones may be employed in a multitude of applications, and quite often, this could be a circumstance where aircrafts are in a danger zone, … Read More»

Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Military Intelligence

“Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Military Intelligence” Introduction Advancements in technology have had a beneficial and profound effect on the military intelligence enterprise. Advances in military weapon systems and capabilities throughout history have required nations to continuously adopt modern combat tactics to prevail in battle and to defeat opposing forces. Today, advancements in electronic engineering, mechanical … Read More»

Clinical Intervention Paper: Military Sexual Trauma

Clinical Intervention Paper: Military Sexual Trauma Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss and apply prolonged exposure therapy to the case of Harriet.  Prolonged exposure therapy, which is a form of cognitive behavior therapy, is designed to treat posttraumatic stress disorder through two primary treatments, imaginal exposure and in vivo exposure.  Cognitive behavior … Read More»

Review of Cyber Warfare Strategies and Prevention

Executive Summary: This report is a review of Cyberwarfare, specifically geared towards critical infrastructures and power generation. It will also entail the evolution of cyberwarfare since 1998 and how the attacks have grown and developed into what they are today. Characteristics of APTs (advanced persistent threats) will also be detailed pre vs post inception of … Read More»

Lance Corporal William Kyle Carpenter Biography

Lance Corporal Carpenter’s Selfless Service and Heroic Actions Lance Corporal William Kyle Carpenter displayed the highest level of sacrifice and selfless service for his actions in Afghanistan; resulting in saving the lives of his fellow Marines, and earning the highest Military award.  The two distinctive factors, disregard for his own life, and the protection for … Read More»

Drones on the Modern Battlefield and the Rules of Engagement

Does the deployment of Drones on the modern battlefield meet the requirements for the rules of engagement and is the deployment of these drone’s moral? This essay will evaluate whether or not the deployment of drones on the modern battlefield in countries such as Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan alongside their usage domestically in countries … Read More»

The Tet Offensive: Battle Analysis

Battle Analysis The Tet Offensive The Turing Point of the War DEFINE THE SUBJECT On January 30th and 31st, 1968, a series of coordinated surprise attacks by North Vietnam took place on South Vietnam. Ranging from military outposts, provincial capitals, the autonomous cities, district capitals and towns, and the capital of South Vietnam called Saigon. This … Read More»

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