Training Required To Be A Soccer Player

Soccer players need a combination of fitness attributes such as strength, endurance, power, co-ordination, speed and agility, in order to perform and play at a high intensity considering games last 90 minutes plus, therefore as stated by (Stolen et al, 2005) success depends on players being mentally, physically, technically and tactically prepared for competition. Within … Read More»

Efficacy of Growth Factors Concentration after PRP

Efficacy of growth factors concentration (hGH, IGF-1, FGF-2, PDGF, VEGF) after autologous Platelet-rich plasma injection (PRP) on accelerating healing of proximal hamstring tear for athletes. Ahmed Gaballah 1- Department of Sports Health Sciences, Damietta University, Damietta, Egypt. 2- Kinesiology and Health Sciences Department, Utah State University, Logan, UT, USA Abstract Platelet rich plasma (PRP) become … Read More»

Rehabilitation for Anterior Glenohumeral Subluxation

6-weeks Physical Rehabilitation Protocol for Anterior Glenohumeral Subluxation in Athletes Abstract: Background: Anterior shoulder dislocations and subluxations are common in young athletes. The mechanism for the first or primary shoulder dislocation may involve a collision or a fall typically with the arm in an abducted and externally rotated position. Contact sports, such as rugby and ice … Read More»

Models of Teacher and Student Centred Learning

In this part of the essay, I will examine reasons for the shift from teacher-centered to student-centered learning and arguments to why models based approaches are considered more effective than traditional approaches, reflecting on the education value of Siedentop’s (1994) sport education model. Modern education is shifting from being teacher-led to being more student-centered. Traditional … Read More»

Physiology of Athletes

Extended Response 1 This is fun run is effective as it incorporates factors affecting performance.  The two competitors which participated in the long distance (14km) fun run must have used the dominant energy system which is the Aerobic Energy System even though in the certain parts of the event the ATP energy system could have … Read More»

Rheumatoid Arthritis Physiology

Introduction Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is defined as a chronic, autoimmune condition that affects 400,000 people in the UK (Cooney et al. 2010). It is both bilateral and symmetrical in pattern and is typically presented in individuals between 30 to 50 years with females being more afflicted than men (Cooney et al. 2010). Although, RA is of unknown aetiology, causes … Read More»

Levers in the Body

First-class Levers Typical examples of first-class lever are the crowbar, seesaw, and elbow extension. An example of this type of lever in the body is seen with the triceps applying the force to the olecranon (F) in extending the nonsupported forearm (W) at the elbow (A). Other examples of this type of lever may be … Read More»

How To Keep Yourself Healthy Essay

Maintaining a healthy body is not that easy and not so difficult also. Always there is a need to be healthy because unhealthy body will be attacked by many diseases. Here we will discuss about some tips which will help to have a happy and healthy life. Most important tip for a healthy body is … Read More»

Comparing Structures of the Heart

This exercise was conducted so that the anatomical construction of the cardiac structures would be evident.There were no safety precautions necessary as all dissections were done on line as virtual dissections. Activity 1: Microscopic Anatomy of Cardiac Muscle Observations: Sketch and label your slide in the space provided. Include a description of the structures you … Read More»

Exercise Through Dance

Dance is another form of exercising which require you to use most of your body muscle. Dancing has come around for along time. Dancing is a part of ancient ritual and is pair with music. People dancing with music, without music dancing is not complete. In Egypt, dancing before god is a vital elements in … Read More»

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