Role of Security in the United Kingdom

The concept of security is not a new one; scholars have catalogued its emergence from as far back as the Neolithic Revolution where the establishment of permanent settlements naturally led to the growth of territories, city states and later nation states and Empires[1]. Borne from this civil development was the concept of security; security of … Read More»

Causes of the British Public’s Hostility to Migrants

“‘Brexit’ and the ‘migration crisis’ are just the most recent examples of migrants being presented as a threat.’” Discuss with reference to securitisation literature. In recent years, there has been a seemingly exponential increase in the British public’s hostility towards migration. For the most part, migrants are no longer viewed in a positive light by … Read More»

The Challenge of Security Governance in Europe

Europe consists of fifty sovereign states. The European Union (EU) is the most prominent economic and social cooperation in the region. A total of 28 countries in Europe make up the EU. To deal with the security issues in the region, the EU has come up with a number of strategies and policies. Key among … Read More»

Securitization Theory for Refugees

“Increasingly refugees and Internally Displaced Persons are regarded as harbingers of insecurity, rather than victims of it” – Discuss with reference to two case studies. In an interview with the New York Times last year, the late Polish sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman quoted Bertolt Brecht by saying; Immigrants personify particular fears and anxiety in … Read More»

Social and Legal Issues Concerning WikiLeaks

INTRODUCTION WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organization that publishes leaks and secrets from different sources. The history of the organization tells that over past eleven years it has leaked or published about 10 million secret government documents through its website. CIA is the Central Intelligence agency and is US based one. It is the only civilian intelligence … Read More»

Whistleblowing: Types and Justifications

Introduction Whistleblowing is the act of an attempt by an employee or former employee to confess the malpractice or iniquity in or by an organisation. Nowadays, many companies have produced their own policies on “whistleblowing” due to the presence of informers, snitches and sources who may disclose vital information for their own benefit or as an act … Read More»

The Concept of ‘New Terrorism’

Does it make sense to talk about ‘new terrorism’? How might this matter for counterterrorism policy? The perception of terrorism was completely transformed following the 2001 World Trade Centre attacks in the United States and highlighted an apparent new form of terrorism, which aimed for mass destruction. The events of 9/11 led to a widening … Read More»

Drone Technology: Uses and Ethics

In the last several years, humanity has seen great advancements in technology. From the creation of smartphones to all-electric cars, technology is advancing at a faster pace with each passing day. One such technological advancement, in this time period, is in the area of unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV), commonly referred to as drones. When UAVs were … Read More»

Global Terrorism: Rethinking International Health Laws and Regulations

Introduction Global Terrorism at present appears to be inclined towards networks of international terrorists who are loosely organized and self-financed. Increased incidences are seen of groups using religion as a pretext and posing as threats to global security. Recently, there is apparent escalation of cross-national linkages among different terrorist groups. These liaisons include a combination … Read More»

National, International History and Evolution of Security

The National, International History and Evolution of Security Introduction The purpose of this document is to complete the Security and Guarding assignment on “The National and International History and Evolution of Security. Its title is “Regulations and Legal Codes ASG1” The document is structured as follows: A brief International history and the evolution of security. … Read More»

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