Evaluation of the Social Security Act

For the Social Security Act was created in to law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935. (History.com) The Social Security Act includes a seniority benefits program, unemployment protection, medical coverage for those in economic stress, economic assistance for widows and their children, and monetary assistance for incapacitated individuals. The overall purpose for Social Security was to … Read More»

Legalization of Marjiuana in Canada

The government of Canada passed a law making marijuana legal for both recreational and medical use on 17th October, 2018. These laws come after a long road of criminality and stigma to individuals who believe there was nothing wrong with indulging in this activity ( Ferreras, 2018). Although there have been some who believe that the … canada/"> Read More»

Comparative Analysis of Undocumented Youth Policies in America

Case Study #1 – Comparative analysis of undocumented youth policies in America Introduction Since the attack of September 11th, 2001, our country has continued to struggle with tightening our borders and focused on immigration policies.  Included in all that are the undocumented youth that reside in the United States due to illegal immigration.  Now the … Read More»

Hate Crime Legislation in the US

Hate Crime Hate crimes, is also known as bias-motivated crimes. Hate Crime is a crime, which is typically one that involves violence that is motivated by prejudgment based on race, religion, sexual orientation, and other grounds.  Hate crime is not just any other crime. Hate crimes can’t just be a group of people, but it’s … Read More»

The Chinese Social Security System

The Chinese Social Security System Introduction Social security is one of the most important social and economic systems in modern societies. Due to the specific social and economic effects of social security, governments have long attached considerable importance to the construction of a social security system. Social security is the product of the development of … Read More»

Issues of Maternity Leave Policies in the US

DESCRIPTION The purpose of this memo is to discuss the issues related to the current maternity policy in USA and its effect on the lives of women in the workforce and their families. This memo highlights the research on health benefits that paid maternity leave can provide to mothers and their families as well as … Read More»

Communicative and Collaborative Planning Theory

Communicative and Collaborative Planning Theory Introduction The theories of planning deals with the discussion of the different ideas and concepts that have an important link to planning practice and its relationship with society, land use and government. The context of the various planning theories is important for planners to understand, as it contributes to the … Read More»

Merthyr Vale History and Development

Communities developed within the post-colonial era, and the purpose of making different communities was to build a good relationship between the communities of people and the Government. This was done in two different ways; the first way was to increase the capacity of the community to represent themselves as their own voice. The second way … Read More»

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