Importance Of Set Design Theatre Essay

Adolph Appia (pictured left) 1862 – 1928, was a Swiss theorist, pioneer in modern stage design and is most famous for his scenic designs for Wagner’s operas (Design for act I of Parsifal Pictured left). What set Appia aside from other stage designers was his rejection of painted two dimensional sets. He created three dimensional … Read More»

Jonathan Larsons Influence On Musical Theatre Theatre Essay

To demonstrate how a practitioner influenced the development of Musical Theatre, there will be an in depth analysis of Jonathan Larson’s works Rent and Tick, Tick…Boom, which will show how his style influenced other modern practitioners that got some of their ideas based on his works and how his works were influenced by other practitioners … Read More»

I Love You Bro Play Analysis Theatre Essay

The La Boite Theatre Company’s production of Adam J. A. Cass’s I Love You, Bro , directed by David Bethold, is a play which masterfully engages and captivates the audience. It effectively tells an enthralling tale of love, deceit and manipulation. The play’s protagonist, Johnny, is a troubled teen who is desperate for love. Devoid … Read More»

The Evolution Of Dance In Theater Theatre Essay

Dance is defined as the art of movement. It can be used to express feelings, to exercise, to perform, and some can even interact and have nonverbal conversation though the art of dance. Dance is usually performed through the rhythm and beat of music, but it doesn’t necessarily have to involve music. Sports even sometimes … Read More»

Theatre Essays – Samuel Beckett

Discuss Samuel Beckett’s handling of identity in his plays Waiting for Godot and Happy Days. The work of Samuel Beckett can be seen to span both the Modernist and Postmodernist paradigms (Bradbury and McFarlane, 1991; Green and LeBihan, 1996), on the one hand being influenced by such canonical Modernist writers as James Joyce and Luigi … Read More»

Contemporary Indian Theatre And Habib Tanvirs

Habib Tanvir and Naya Theatre are two inseparable names which will always be remembered in the modern theatrical scenario in India. It’s been a year since the death of Habib Tanvir, one of the most popular Indian Hindi, Urdu playwrights, a poet, a theatre director, and an actor, but still the majority of theatergoers in … Read More»

The Cradle Will Rock Review Theatre Essay

The show “The Cradle Will Rock” written my Marc Blitzstein is a piece of work that reflects the struggles and politics of its time. In researching this show and it original production, one has to also know about the events in history surrounding and affecting the lives of every-day Americans. Then one must realize how … Read More»

Blackbird Play Review And Analysis Theatre Essay

After being separated for 15 years, Una comes looking for Ray at his workplace after discovering his picture in a magazine. They once had an illicit relationship, and have been suffering the consequences ever since. What transpires next is a series of chilling twists and turns as details of their sordid past begin to unravel. … Read More»

Jasmin Vardimon Company

“Jasmin Vardimon Company (JVC) is one of Britain’s most pioneering physical dance theatre companies, creating work that excites both the eye and the mind by pushing the boundaries of human physicality whilst engaging in universal, contemporary themes that strike an emotional chord.”[1] In this piece of work I will be discussing one of Britain’s leading … Read More»

Martha Graham’s choreography

Discuss how the choreography of Martha Graham or Merce Cunningham reflected the changing contexts in which her/his work was produced. Martha Graham (1894-1991) was a truly inspirational and revolutionary performer and choreographer throughout the 20th century. Her work was a great influence to people from all aspects of the arts, from famous stage actors to … Read More»

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