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Analysis of the British Cycling Team

British Cycling



From September 2019 for the first time since 1982. Some of the top cyclists will be participating within Yorkshire area for the UCI road world championship. This will comprise of a variety of all gender races, across all age groups. This will also comprise of para-cycling race to be held for the first-time. Yorkshire is targeting to provide the best comprehensive, state-of-the-art and inspiring road championship in the history of the UCI. British cycling is asking for contributions of between £25millon and £50million -cited as “aspirational figure”. This would cover the cost of running the championship and the provision of up to 100 new off-road locations across the UK. The BBC online states that the treasury is offering a £10million grant with a chance of more finance to be made available which will be spread across two assemblies. The ‘places to ride program’ will be funding the expansion for new enhancements on the existing cycling services across the societies all over England. All of this is made possible through a latest £15 million grant from the assemblies, which will be looked into over a three years period as a joint venture with the British Cycling. British cycling is working to develop the UK into a great cycling nation. With the help of a £5,690,000 funding additional from Sport England. In 2017, Sports England sponsored cycling with £7,000,000 million grant to help frequent cyclists to stay riding and £4.62 million to help gifted competitors. With today’s £5,690 million funding it takes the total funding into grassroots cycling within British Cycling to £17.3 million. Sports England uses additional funding such as the lottery to make awards of £300 to £10,000 to charitable organisations to help more people participant in sports. Go-ride clubs have been really popular with the small grant funding. All the support will help provide new club opportunities, whether its training club coaches, updating old equipment or investing in new provisions. The organisation of transportation gives cycle ambition cities the opportunity to receive a share of £6.5million. To trial the latest scheme which aims to increase road safety and the ability to establish more bike friendly locations. There is funding available for athletes participating in Tokyo (2020) Olympics. The funding comes from the national lottery with a £29,626,264 contribution. The figure is broken down in two sums with £24,759,306 for the world class programmes and £4,864,958 for athlete’s performance awards. Para-cycling will receive some additional funding for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 in receipt of up to £8,094,453. With £5,638,328 on world class programmes and £2,456,125. British cycling has been granted an extra £1.84million by the national government body to support its proposal to gain medals in the Madison and BMX freestyle park at Tokyo Olympics. Since this funding was introduced by the national lottery, 46 medals and 125 Paralympics medals have been won for Britain. The national lottery provides funds for small development projects across England up to £590,000 from the big lottery fund to assist more individuals with disabilities to relish cycling. Martin Merryweather British’s cycling director said, the funding award is fantastic news, and gives us extra momentum and motivation as we look forward to 2019, improve on the cycling’s status for successfully combing elite success and increased participation.


British cycling has a team of up to 285 employees mainly located within the Manchester area, at the HSBC UK national cycling centre. However, 60 of the establishment’s employees are county-wide based. Operating within 10 English regions with clubs, event organisers and the local authorities to develop cycling within communities nationwide. With Scottish cycling and Welsh cycling working in connection with the respective governing bodies. In the UK, there is between 2,500 and 3,000 active helpers working with organisations such as, HSBC UK breeze, HSBC UK guided rides and HSBC UK ride social. As of 2017, there are at this time more than 25,000 people registered in British cycling volunteers’ roles. A wide range of positions across the sport giving a total of 3,507,283 hours every year for cycling. There are up to 1,100 females employed within the British cycling organisation and showing an increase of 70% of female coaches from the year 2013 to 2016 since British cycling launched for women’s strategy in 2013.


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