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Recovery Plan in a Nuclear Scenario

This paper will focus on a recovery plan that is designed to offer a better approach on how different matters should be handled on a different platform. This reflect the fact that a recovery plan determined the reliable application on different notions, so that all situation can be handled in a more resilient perspective.  More so, a recovery plan defines a target that is to be fulfilled which means it offers a recovery strategy on an incident that has occurred and what is supposed to be done in order the situation can be in control. However, in order to have an efficient recovery plan, some credentials ought to be facilitated so that there will be no effects due to the course of recovering any incident.

In this case, technological aspect ought to be considered, data obtained ought to be analyzed, resources available so that the recovery aspect can be effective. Among other factors that are required is that consideration of different vulnerabilities that are prone to emerge during the recovery plan ought to be defined so that disruption during the process can be enhanced. This paper will prissily focus on a recovery plan on Nuclear Scenario in San Francisco. It out of this that highly enriched uranium (HEU) has massively destroyed the building and immediate surrounding areas and other factors in the city. Hence, the main idea is to initiate a structure that will help the people involved and the city at large more so, to analyses the problem and know how the issue can be dealt with, including the emerging factors.  When a nuclear disaster occurs, it is important to learn the outcomes that are expected in order to deal with the affected casualties; this is the main agenda of the recovery plan.

Objectives of the recovery plan

The plan aims at ensuring that the nuclear scenario will not affect more people in the society than it has currently. This will be achieved by ensuring that all the factors to control the situation are identified, and hence the outcome will not be that adverse. Additionally, mitigating any influential elements is the best way to decide which of the ways are essential in order to reduce the number of causalities. This will cut across various agencies, and thus the help of the government will be needed this is as stated by McFee, (2007). Another aim is to provide measures, which can be used in a case such a situation occurs again. This will serve as a plan, which will serve the purpose in future. Therefore it is also subjected to changes in order to fit the nuclear situation at that time. To offer a solution to the situation is another objective and for this to be achieved then various factors are necessary this include the overall element of resources and time not forgetting dedication.

Explain the specific agent used in the attack and the effects of the agent on the victims and surrounding areas.

Any agent can respond the nuclear attack that occurred better since every agent is trained to have the ability to detect, prevent, preempt and deter any signs that may result to any emergencies. For this case, the agents should be in a position to protect and restore essential service so that the environment can be maintained. More so, to compensate victims is another aspect that specific agent should offer because it is quite evident that many people are highly affected because San Francisco is referred to as the heart of the city which means that many people show up in the city. More so this is related to the fact that people who are affected area seek shelter in safe areas because they are left displaced these impacts are caused by the blast, thermal radiation, prompt radiation that occurred (Mahan, & Griset, 2013).

However, every agent should be in a position to react because the actual occurrence of injuries does not stop when a nuclear attack is experienced. This means that measures should be enhanced like lifesaving efforts so that life can be saved in one way or another since there is reflected the fact that San Francisco is affected by the nuclear attack which means that the building and immediate surrounding areas are completely destroyed. More so, mass casualties are reported which means every agent should be proactive in issues that emerge by addressing the evacuation or sheltering-in-place decisions for the potential victims. Additional the agents should offer short evacuation so that effectiveness can be obtained in offering victim car.

In this recovery plan, all people involved should be in a position to quickly leading to a shortage of willing, qualified, and trained workers so that every situation and casualties can be help in a more efficient manner. This is done so that effective action can be taken and safe what is left after the nuclear attack. The attack and the effects of the agent on the victims and surrounding areas are that attribution activities will be enhanced so that the affected victims can be given care. More so, compensation can be done because most of the people are left homeless federal authority, or any military will be in the for the front to offer apprehension in dealing with the situation.

Explain symptoms victims will experience and display.

A nuclear attack has both short-term effects and long terms effects, which affect the victims are affected in a different way depending on the exposure aspect that was involved in the blast that emits radiations. Different symptoms will be seen in one way or another this means that symptoms like vomiting, skin rashes, and an intense unquenchable thirst as their hair falls will be highly experienced to the affected victims. Due to the light that is emitted from the explosion, most of the people are affected and are prone to be blinded in one way or another. This is a common effect the affects people in San Francisco because most of the people are prone to look the light directly due to the mass that the city has which means that victims lost their eyesight’s.  Death is another effect that is facilitated due to the nuclear explosion because the gamma ray burst this is a symptom that will be experienced in one way or another.

In addition, the nuclear attack displays different effects in the environment, for instance, the building, and immediate surrounding areas are completely destroyed. This means that the environment structure is highly affected because the nuclear setting is designed to explode and bring down all things that are within.  On the other had theirs the aspect of Mass casualties that are reported this means that some symptoms are depicted. Since San Francisco is known for its dense fog, mild temperatures and cool breezes this factor highly motivate the nuclear attack since explosion   increase the radiation aspect, which means that it is hard, so the factors to be emitted since the radiations that are emitted are highly motivated.

Identify which government agencies (local, state, and federal) will need to be involved in response to the terrorist attack.

All Federal authorities or the military setting in all local, state and federal should be enhanced in respect of the attack. This is because they can be in a position to respond to the attack on a more professional aspect since they have the credentials that are required to provide the basic care to the affected people by delivering them to the hospital facilities so that care can be offered. Additionally, there is the aspect of clearing and determining what the cause and how the explosion occurred. Federal authorities or the military can define detection of a small nuclear device with highly enriched uranium (HEU) so that if there is another explosion that is vulnerable can be deterred in a more professional aspect so that people cannot be affected.

It is out of this that the situation can be held in control because the situation can be kept under control. This is the primary reason every agent should be involved in responseing to the terrorist attack so that they can control the situation since they cannot be affected due to the protections aspect. However, the response that is offered is based on preparedness, which is updated by mutual aid in emergences that are to emerge, in addition all agenesis are structured to have a response plan for any attack that I venerable, this means that a better manner of handling the situation can be obtained in a more critical aspect. More so, activeness and determination define different government agencies since they recognize and believe in assisting and eradicating attacks that occur. Still, all government agencies setting is to find and address perceptions of threats that are caused by the nuclear attack.

 Explain the appropriate role and responsibility for all agencies involved.

Appropriate role and responsibility for all agencies involved in a nuclear attack are to offer a framework that will respond to the emerging factors of the attack. To begin with, the first responsibility is that all state agenesis has the responsibility for the public health and welfare of the people involved in the attack. This means that they should respond effectively and offer first aid care in a more transparent aspect so that lives can be saved. The local agenesis has the responsibility of communicating to other agenesis so that action can be taken in all aspect. The federal agenesis should offer the responsibility of maintaining a wide array of capability and resources that can be used to deter another attack hence they secure every person involved and the recourses in general.

The appropriate role of all agencies is to respond in a dynamic manner that will make that the situation is standardized, this can be enhanced by establishing a strong working relationship. By doing this, the situation can be dealt with in a more appropriate manner that will be defined. In addition, all involved agencies should be in a position to support participation in all mitigation efforts that will enable people who are affected fell more secure. All agencies role in the nuclear attack is narrowed down to three factors, which are to ensure that every emergency plan is well emulated and take account the needs of individuals who are involved. More so, it is to protect person, property, and structures that are affected by the explosion. Another significant role the involved agenesis should play is to encourage residents to participate in volunteering aspect that will see to it the situation is under control.

List communication methods between first responders and involved agencies; and identify necessary information that will need to be communicated to the public

Emergency preparedness is based on the communication platform that is developed between the first responder and involved agencies.  Hence, the use of use of interoperable, backbone communications systems will offer a clear understanding of the situation. Hence, in it important to identify a better communication aspect that will deliver the message effectively. The communication method that should be enhanced involves all aspect of communication so that the situation can be controlled more so by providing a plan on how to take charge of the situation. This is done so that the masses of people can get information in different ways and know how they will deal with the emerging factors. It is by doing this that the purpose of the how to handle the situation will be identified and better logistics will be facilitated in more competence aspects.

The type of communication methods between first responders and involved agencies that are involved will define the concept of operation. Hence everybody will be assigned different responsibilities to undertake this is as stated by Apikyan, & Diamond, (2015). In addition, the plan that is developed and maintains the whole situation, like emergency planers should anticipate both active and passive aspect in the whole process which will include addressing all hazards and should elicit participation in acquiring assumption about the threats. However, the necessary information that will need to be informed to the public involve how to they should keep off the place that has been attacked. More so, if there is relevant information about expected attack their agencies should be informed immediately so that the situation can be deterred. This are so of the fundamental principles that should be expected to be portrayed when certain situation occurs so that an immediate plan can be facilitated in an effective manner.

Explain the unique challenges first responders will face when responding to the attack.

A nuclear attack is one the dangerous attack that can occur within a given area; this is because it is hard to come up with a plan that is effective in dealing with the situation on effective measures. This is because the grammar rays that are emitted when the explosive occur are reflected back even after some time, hence the first responders might be faced with different challenges while dealing with the situation. Since the nuclear attack is a technological accident, first responder may not be in a position to identify which are the appropriate approach that is supposed to be offered in the situation. This means that different responders can offer a different view on how the situation will be dealt with without knowing the repercussions that will be resulted in the situation.

Another challenge is that there will be challenges to command and control the people involved for instance in the San Francisco’s City Hall, which is in the heart of the city it will be hard for the respondent to act because there will be a reaction all people reacting due to the explosion. More so, managing is a vital aspect that ought to be counterchecked so that the attack can be controlled this means that the first responders will not be in a position to manage effectively since nuclear attack causes tension because of the light that is emitted and the heat. This means that first responders will be faced with the challenge of not being able to achieve the core factor of being in a position to bring the whole situation in control.

Identify the proper Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) that will be needed when responding to the attack.

To respond to a nuclear attack, radiation safety equipment’s ought to be facilitated so that the person who is responding to the attack cannot be affected as well. In this case, facilitation of StemRad’s solution can be used since it is evident that this type of Personnel Protective Equipment is equal to the grammar rays that are elicited from the explosion. In this case, StemRad’s solution offers protection in all parts of the body, and this is the only protection aspect that can be used in order to deal with a nuclear attack since there are not repercussions that are facilitated in the process since it is a full package of that is designed for that purpose only.  More so, it is a sensitive Personnel Protective Equipment because it offers innovative measure in protection aspect and detecting aspect as well. On the other hand, it is designed to overcome selectively shields tissues increased radio sensitivity, and lighter is weight. Health issues are not vulnerable is the person responding to a nuclear attack is equipped with this aspects, this is because they cannot get any contact with gamma radiations. In addition, actuate radiation system offers transparency in dealing with the situation in a more professional manner.

Address how first responders should establish a perimeter and how large the containment effort should be.

Managing nuclear attach consequences calls for valid and appropriate measures that will be facilitated by certain parameters that define the whole function. In this case, the responders should enhance constitute a potential parameter that is based on an accurate overview of potential events that gives a brief description of the information in the nuclear attack so that the response actions, including the suggested elements, can be affirmed. In this case, the parameter that the responders ought to enhance should be based y the environmental factor of the region, the population of the region, and resource that are within the region where the nuclear aspect occur. This means that initial warning parameter should be offered so that the protocol followed should remain consistent hence clarity can be obtained in the situation. This depends on how the affected people are willing to be helped to so that they can get out of the situation. On the other hand, there is the aspect of defining the potential targets as a parameter so that their wellbeing is not interference. More so, this aspect offers an in depth vulnerability in the parameter perspective since first responders are in a position to identify the root cause of the problem and know what is expected for them to do, it is out of this that decision making should be in line with the parameter offered.

On the other hand, there is the aspect of first responders whole should provide an initial assessment that will embark in the parameter formulation should define what should be done in the surveillance of a hazard caused by the nuclear attack. This is done so that information of the people involved can be delivered in a more resilient aspect. By facilitating this mass, care can be obtained by determining the safety parameters. This fact that reflects that containment effort should be effective and efficient in order to deter all protocol that is enhanced when the attack occurs.

Explain what sort of decontamination procedures and equipment will be necessary to treat victims.

Nuclear attach causes skin related problems due to the heat and radiations, more so the eyes are affected, and to forget due to the blast the ears will be affected. However, the sort of decontamination procedure and equipment that will be necessary to treat victims will be based on therapy aspect. This is because various disorder are caused due to the blast that occurs for instance, there are diagnosis and therapy procedures that ought to be initiated. For the affected people in terms of external aspect ought to be treated in medical care facilities that are well equipped so that it can offer different capabilities of how the will deal with emerging situations.

The decontamination procedures are based on nature the nuclear attack that has occurred, this means effectiveness should be offered in all facilities so that affected victims can be treated appropriately. The equipments that are necessary to treat affected victim are radioactive iodine which is used in therapy aspect and can treat issues like cancer and other related medical conditions in victims. Another equipment is the use of scans radioactive materials called radiopharmaceuticals or radiotracers, which is used to deter the situation in victims (A︡blokov, Nesterenko,  Nesterenko, & Sherman, 2009).

Identify the appropriate decontamination stage for the attack, and explain initial decontamination considerations.

The appropriate decontamination process for the nuclear attack is identifying the situation, and what factors led the attack. By defining the problem, a better understanding can be enhanced in all agencies involved so that a better respond can be obtained and take charge of the situation.  The use of securing decontamination can be enhanced so that people can be eradicated from the seen with quick measurers as possible. More so, some consideration can do by educating different people so that they can be in a position to control the situation. More so, a gross decontamination should be reflective to the mass decontamination by considering this it means that responders can be in a position to control the attack and save people, by having a close relationship with other volunteers the situation can be controlled in a more resilient aspect.

Explain the type of evidence first responders should be looking for, and how first responders can preserve any evidence.

As it is clear, the first responders need to look for any signs or symptoms that the people may have regarding the attack. This includes the mentioned signs and symptoms and hence reduce the reactions that will be taking place among the victims. Out of this and with the use of appropriate procedures, then identifying the evidence will not only be easier but also ensure that mitigating factors are controlled. In order to achieve this, they need to look for evidence in the affected area, to identify this they need to have a little knowledge on how the highly enriched uranium reacts with the metal and other substance. They can be in a position to identify some of the identifiable reactive substances, which hence will enable diagnose of the scene.

This can include metals or other elements like as plastic, and how they react with the highly enriched uranium element. Once they are aware, then it is evident that they shall restrict the people from going close to the reaction. This is not limited to the area of explosion alone but also to the scene which has been affected. Radiation occurs through waves. Therefore it is important for the responders to carry some of the equipment, which can help identify the waves of the radiations. With such response, they will be able to not only find the evidence but also prevent any further damage.

Discuss the effect the attack will have on the area.

Having known that San Francisco has a range of approximately 200 to nearly 1000 feet, and then it is clear that the highly enriched uranium will have adverse effects on the city. This is supported by various properties, which make Uranium a highly dangerous element. In this case, the surrounding will be destroyed and due to the range, that San Francisco has. The area affected will not only be large but also the destruction caused will be massive thus considering it as part of the effect on the area. Additionally, the losses incurred will not only be many but also result in a huge setback.

Putting in mind that there is the use of one-way street, it clearly explains how great a commotion can occur; this is based on the confusion, which can be experienced. Out of this, then it clear that the effects can be broadly categorized into various ways. The overall confusion can affect people who are traumatic, and since the place is suitable to support the highly enriched uranium element, it makes it suitable for the attack.


To sum up, the recovery plan, having leant the outcome and effects and mitigating factors it is clear that appropriate measures can be taken to deter such a situation. More so, with the help of first responder and identified agencies either in the local aspect, state or federal agencies can be can play a huge role in the recovery of the city. Since San Francisco has suitable condition for highly enriched uranium (HEU) that attack may result in adverse effects, however with the help of the first responder and other influential bodies within the state the recovery plan will be a success.


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