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Self Evaluation of Geography Education

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In Geography I learned a lot about other parts of the world and how they are different from the place that we live in now. One of the best things I learned in Geography was about Mexico, not only because my family is from there but also because I like to learned about where I came from. Some of the things I learned was that as a Mexican we like to protect our self’s from the outside world. Most Mexicans homes have a wall like structure around there home to keep bad people out, since Mexico is known to be very dangerous. Unlike Mexico the US homes like to show their house as a sign of success or to show off their richness to other people.

Taking Geography also helped me a lot with my writing and annotating, since mostly all we do is read and write essays. It helped me understand stories a lot more since now I know to look up a word that I don’t understand or to underline key words that can help me better understand the story later on. Annotating is not only helpful but It can also make work a lot easier once it comes to writing a paper, because writing an essay on an article that u can’t even understand is never easy.

I learned a lot about other countries and how their lives are different than ours. I learned about Mexico, Argentina, El Salvador, and China. One article that I also thought was really interesting was about Argentina. It’s very fascinating to me how Argentina has some of the greatest and best resources in the world and yet they are still a failing country. The problem was that people were not getting payed enough and had low wages which then led to millions of people quitting their job which then caused businesses to fail since they had no one who can work for them.

Self-Evaluations have helped me a lot also, not only to keep track but it also helped me understand things I didn’t know too well. If I didn’t understand something I would write it on the back of the self-evaluation where later on I can better understand what it meant. Also I feel like the Class discussions were very helpful, since sometimes I wouldn’t understand some things that we were reading. Overall the self-evaluation was very helpful to keep on track and to make sure we have everything we need to get a good grade.

I feel like World Geography has also helped people be more confident. I have seen people talking to each other who don’t normally talk or I’ve seen the shy people get a lot more confident and become part of our class discussions. I feel like the communication has gotten a lot better throughout the class. This class has also brought us a lot closer to each other since we usually need other peoples help to get through the class. Geography also helped me with understanding articles better since it showed me that I always need to go back and reread the article to get a better understanding of it and even to understand some words that may be confusing.

Also something I learned is that many counties until this day prefer river transportation than car transportation just because you could save a lot of money on gas but also because it is a lot better for the environment and can be even faster since there are no stops. Many countries struggle with this problem because sometimes they don’t have access to a river or ocean, or even sometimes the rivers are not deep enough for ships to travel through them. When a country has no access to river or ocean it is a lot more expensive for them to transport good and make any profit out of it, many countries fail because of this problem.

In conclusion I feel like world geography had helped me a lot in many ways. It helped me understand articles better by annotating them but it has also taught me a lot about of countries and the problems that they are facing until this day. Also I feel like this class has brought together a lot of people and also made people a lot more confident with their work since people who didn’t talk at the beginning of the year are now talking a lot more.

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