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The impact of globalization on tourism

The impact of globalization on tourism

The travel industry and globalization is genuinely powerful and unique force for change across the globe. The globalization has resulted in the expanding of tourism industry which including a rise in hotel and restaurant. And globalization also has affected the culture changes. This essay will discuss effects of globalization and tourism on economic, social and cultural life all over the world. This essay begins by discussing the cause of globalization, afterwards it discusses the effects of globalization on tourism. The essay concludes that globalization has had a positive effect on tourism.

Start with the definition and classification of globalization. Globalization is the procedure of interaction and incorporation among individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide. With the expanded worldwide collaborations comes the development of international trade, ideas, and culture. Globalization is principally a financial procedure of cooperation and combination that is related with social and social angles.(https://www. There are about seven major types of globalization. Financial globalization, Economic Globalization, Technological Globalization, Political Globalization, Cultural Globalization, Ecological Globalization, and Sociological Globalization.

Globalization has resulted in the tourism industry expanding. With the development of tourism industry, so many people are being tourists each year. So the hotel industry is also booming. For instance, in December 2018 the edition of “Hotel Horizons,” predicted that U.S. hotel occupancy will increase to 66.2 percent in 2019, a fifth straight record level for the industry. Occupancy will receive a boost from an anticipated 2.1 percent increase. (https://www. the growth of the hotel “It all starts with the demand for lodging accommodations.” R. Mark Woodworth, senior managing director of CBRE Hotels’ Americas Research, said in a statement. (https://www.hotel 1988 to 2017, the average annual gain in accommodated room nights in the U.S. was 2 percent. For 2018 and 2019, Mark believe demand growth will exceed this long-run average.

Globalization has resulted in the increase of technology on transportation industry, such as airways and waterways, as well as increased transportation of people. The development of technology on transport has made travel easy and convenient. Nowadays more and more people are using airways o travel around the world for different purposes such as businesses and holidays as it is more convenient and reliable form of transportation. Or instance, around 1.4 million Chinese tourists travelled by air to Australia for both business and entertainment purposes between 2017 to February 2018, the latest data available. Also, a total of 2.7 million international tourists visited Queensland in the year 2017. According to Jason , local market watchers reckon that the annual flow of visitors from China to Australia">could double over the next decade.(Jason Karaian, 2018) .For example ,xi ‘an is a Chinese city which in the center of china. 10-hour direct flights from xi ‘and to Sydney are now available. And there is no need to change flights. It’s very convenient. So, the globalization has resulted in the increase of transportation technology, and the development of transportation technology makes travel very convenient. As a result, the globalization has led to the tourism industry expanding.

Globalization has resulted in the culture change. In the 21st century many developing countries, such as China and India, have embraced more globalized cultures, this has resulted in a cultural change in these countries where people are traveling more to experience other cultures. This has effects on the tourism industry. Firstly, because of English is used as a dominant language in global communication, products of well-known brands such as Philips, Apple, and Starbucks are sold in shops around the world, fast foods like KFC and McDonald become popular among young people, and Internet transfers the whole world into a “village”. Secondly, according to Thomas (Thomas ,2005) socio-cultural angle to globalization involves changes in thinking of cultural and religious beliefs. (,many developing countries also have reaction on global cultures. For example, Chinese culture has reaction on global culture. In recent years, China is attempting to present its traditional cultures and values to the world and laying some degree of effect on the worldwide culture.By the end of 2009, there have been 282 Confucius institutes and 272 Confucius Classrooms established in 88 countries, and the Confucius Classrooms adopt suitable teaching methods to teach Chinese language as well as advancing Chinese cultures.( cultures and values are gradually recognized by western society, which is a result of cross-cultural communication in globalization.

Globalization has resulted in the wide use of common language——English, such as education and academic articles, as well as changed culture. The wide use of common language——English makes communication very convenient. So today larger numbers of people go aboard to study or work in English. For example, these days, record numbers of students are studying abroad all over the world. According to the international Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the number of international students worldwide rose from 0.8 million in 1975 to 3.7 million in 2009. In addition, UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics finds that the number is increasing by about 12% each year.( more and more people accept education from abroad,the original culture of each country will be changed. So, the globalization has resulted in the wide use of common language——English, and the wide use of English makes communication very convenient. As a result, the globalization has led to the culture change.

Globalization has expanded the restaurant industry, due to the development of transportation, traditional foods from different countries are becoming easier to transport. So, it’s easy to introduce different kinds of food from different countries. This effectively promoted the development of the catering industry. For example, revenue for the restaurant industry was estimated at $799 billion at the end of 2019, up 4.3 percent from the previous year. (

Globalization has resulted in the development of delivery, such as the delivery of food, as well as expanded the restaurant industry. The development of transportation technology makes delivery very convenient. So today you can taste all the world’s food in any city. For example, Sydney is home to the world’s best food,you can find delicious food from all over the world in Sydney.

In conclusion, as the development of transportation technology, the wide use of common language——English and the development of delivery, the globalization has resulted in the expanding of tourism industry which including a rise in hotel and restaurant. And globalization also has results in the culture changes.

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