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The Rise of Playboi Carti

many artist out there, you can only take the time to actually know of so many. Everyone has their own opinion of what a “superstar” is and what defines them as one. I believe Jordan Carter also known as Playboi Carti is a superstar that has yet had his big break. I have done tons of research about Mr. Carter that supports he is on the rise and should be a superstar.

For Jordan it all started at Ethereal’s bachelor pad in Atlanta, where he recorded some songs. Ethereal noticed right away that Jordan was different than just any rapper new to the game, and that’s why he loved to work with him. At the time Jordan Carter was still in high school. He almost didn’t graduate because he was skipping school all the time to go to the studio and record. Mostly everyone in his high school was enjoying his music, especially the girls. Playboi Carti and Ethereal went on to make many hits like  “Lost” and “Broke Boi”. After high school he moved from Atlanta to New York to focus more on his music and success.

In March of 2015 Playboi Carti first met Asap Rocky at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Since then he has gone on tour twice, and is now signed to Asap Mob, and Awful Records. Surprisingly there is no mixtape in his career, he is working on an album now, but his success kicked off  from his few singles.

I Actually went to one of his concerts in Houston this past November with my girlfriend for his Turnt and Burnt Tour with Asap Ferg and Rob Stone. He had so many fans come out to see him, with so much positive energy in the building, it was probably one of the best nights of my life. He definitely put on a performance I will never forget, and I hope to be able to watch him again live in person one day.

Playboi Carti has gained most of his fans through his music, but he has also gained a huge chunk of fans from his clothing style. Some of his favorite brands are Maison Martin Margiela, Rick Owens, and Supreme. For only being 20 he has modeled with multiple brands such as  Drake’s OVO  Summer 2016 Lookbook, VLONE, Off-White, and the most recent Kanye West Yeezy Season. He is surely moving up and the best has yet to come.

Not only has he modeled with many brands,  he has also collaborated with many artist such as Asap Mob, Frank Ocean, Skpeta, Lil Yatchy, and Lil Uzi Vert who he went on tour with. Playboi Carti’s first music video along with his first top hit was “WHAT” with UnoTheActivist and Asap Rocky. Not including all of his features with other artist, his 18 songs on his Soundcloud all have over 1 million plays, some call him the god of Soundcloud.

Growing up he listened to R Kelly, Lil John, Gucci, Young Jeezy, Prince, and Michael Jackson. Asap Mob is a big influence on Carti, he has always wanted to be surrounded by the group, he tries to learn from them. As of today he looks up to Bari, Nast,Michael Jackson, Asap Rocky, and Kurt Cobain. Every morning he gets in the mindset of ” Do I wanna show out or do I wanna be fly?”. The thing about Playboi Carti is he is not afraid to test his limits with his music making ability. He is always listening and thinking about music, he describes his style as grind music, turn up, and flex music. All Playboi Carti wants to do is make people feel motivated by his music and inspire them to be like him.

I have been a fan of his for almost two years now and he has yet to disappoint me. I will always look forward to his new music and seeing his face model high fashion brands. He is a superstar to me and I strongly believe Jordan Carter, aka Playboi Carti has everything if not more, to be a superstar to everyone. He started back in 2014 and already made a good name for himself. Playboi Carti is on the rise and will be a legend one day.

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